What Density Should I Get?

There are often multiple hair density options needed to choose from, chances are that you will buy hair that is too thick or thin to look natural on your head. How to choose the best wig density for you? Yolova presents the wig density guide for introducing the definition and selecting tips.

Choosing a Perfect Wig Length by Texture

Wig length is simply the measure of the hair on the unit from end to end. However, why does buy a wig based on this right understanding still result in you getting a wig that appears SHORTER than what you expected?

Just 8 Wig Textures Need to Figure Out

If you’re new to the world of wigs, you may not even know what terms like Jerry curly or silky straight mean; thankfully we have that covered! View this article to get a simple guide on the hair textures of wigs.

Why Non-Lace Wig Is The Essential One?

Looking for a wig that is friendly for the beginner and lazy girl? The non-lace wig must be the best choice. Now, I would introduce what is it and how to wear it, and more hairband wig information. Follow me!

What Is The Lace Wig?

Why do buying a LACE WIG have to do lots of choices!!? HD lace or Transparent lace? 13X4 or 5x5? Is there a BEST CHOICE?? When talking to human hair lace wigs, what makes their price different??? Whether you are or not new to human hair wigs, this article will help you clarify WHAT IS LACE WIG and a best choice you never go wrong.

How Many Wig Styles Are There?

Tired of Choosing from those similar wigs pics? HOW MANY WIGS ARE THERE FOR YOU TO BUY? In fact, whatever how many wig pics you saw or wigs site you viewed, there are only 40 Wigs in this world!! The article includes Everything You Need to Know About Wigs.
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